German Kitchen Technology



  • More than 100 door finishes
  • High grade door materials (+19mm)
  • Durable laser edging
  • Doors available with handles or handless
  • 13 carcass colours, 6 colours with in/out finish, all front edges hydrophobized (water resistant sealTec)
  • 2 water resistant carcass colours, white and lino grigio - Blue Angel and TUV awards
  • Side panels (8, 19 and 25mm) in door finish
  • 40mm worktops with square edge profile
  • 40mm worktop panels
  • Carcass height 715mm within the ST130 grid
  • 6 different heights for wall cabinets and 5 for tall units
  • Possibility of individual widths, heights and lengths in door and deep drawer units for a small additional charge
  • 8mm screwed and grooved back panel
  • 19mm horizontal shelves
  • 19mm shelves with optional stabilisation bar
  • Shelf supports with 3mm metal pin holes (visually better)
  • Invisible hanging assembley
  • Back panel metal traverse perfect for stabilisation of tall cabinets
  • Removable metal traverse in sink units for easy assembely
  • Precious solid timber traverse in our base units
Variety of Materials & Fittings
  • Melamine, laminate, matt and high gloss lacquer
  • No foil wrap, lacquer laminate or gloss laminate fronts. Premium finishes only!
  • MDF plinth, water resistant with integrated sealing up to a length of 330cm in the height of 150mm
  • Premium fitting technology by BLUM and SALICE
  • Corporate colour titan grey for all the interior technology



stormer german kitchen hydro displacement properties

Hydro Resistance

kitchen hydro resistance

We are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve our products sustainably. For maximum protection against moisture and vapour, we seal chosen front edges before the laser edging process with a nano-fluid.

Laser Edge Technology

kitchen laser cut precision

Edge laser technology is inexpensive, but gives a stunning finished door with a really high class finish.

SILENTIA - Scharniere

kitchen door hinges

The first hinge in elegant titanium design with integrated damping, as well as linear, 3-dimensional adjustable mounting plate.

Grip Ledge

kitchen hydro resistance

The ingenious grip ledge allows any of our flat, slab doors to be manufactured as handleless. The C-Shaped strip is fixed to the underside of the worktop giving you room to get your fingers behind and allowing you to open and close the handleless doors and drawers.

These grip ledges come in 11 different colours, so they can blend in with your choice of handleless door or, if you want them to stand out, you can have the stainless-steel rail fitted. To make an even more of a statement, you could have an LED strip installed into the grip ledge, to illuminate the top of the handleless door…it looks stunning, especially on the darker shades of kitchen doors.

Covert Metal Hanging Bracket

covert metal hanging bracket

In combination with a 8 mm thick, screwed back wall. Load capacity 130 kg per fitting.

Flap Hinges with Blum "AVENTOS"

Flap hinges with Blum AVENTOS

As standard we use Blum "AVENTOS HK" flap hinges in all tall and wall units.

Flap Hinges with Blum "AVENTOS"

Flap Hinges with Blum AVENTOS

As standard we use Blum "AVENTOS HK" flap hinges in all tall and wall units.

Fixed 8mm Wall Unit Back Panel

Fixed 8mm Wall Unit Back Panel

All units have a fixed 8mm rear panel. The panel is held in with grooves on either side, then screwed into the top and bottom shelf.

19 mm Thick Shelves!

19 mm thick shelves

All shelves, as well as upper and lower shelves of wall units are fitted with a 19 mm thick construction shelf.
Metal shelf support.
Standard metal shelf support with 3 mm drilling.

Metal Drawers

Metal Drawers

Störmer use an extremely versatile system for constructing drawers, internal drawers, pan drawers and internal drawers at the highest level. With integrated buffers the drawer system closes gently and quietly. the weight capacity for each drawer is 30 - 60 kg depending on body width.

Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

Metal drawers with rail, Metal frame RAL9006

Telescopic Housekeeping Frame for Pan Drawers

Telescopic housekeeping frame for pan drawers

Drawer widths from 236 to 386 mm adjustable in both directions.
Synthetic material with an aluminium colour, height 120 mm, middle section translucent white 2 pcs.)

Tall unit storage "Dispensa" by Kessebohmer

Tall unit storage Dispensa by Kessebohmer

Perfect access in even the smallest spaces. No centimeter is lost. The Dispensa glides gently from the unit with up to 100kg weight load. It is maintenance free and easy to clean. There is simply no better way to use a cupboard.

Corner Unit with Swivelling Shelves Le Mans

Corner unit with swivelling shelves Le Mans

(Soft close available for an additional charge)

Special Widths Available as Standard

Special Widths Available as Standard

We also offer base units with drawers and pan drawers in special width measurements as standard, e.g. base unit 113cm wide.

Metal Shelf

Metal shelf

In the sink unit for protection against moisture and dirt.


Carcass Heights

kitchen dimension carcass heights

Dresser Heights

kitchen dimension dresser heights

Base Units

kitchen dimension base units

Front Grid Base Units

front grid base units

Cleaning & Maintenance

Foil / Laminate wrapped doors

Doors should be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge, abrasive products should not be used. Wipe off any residue with a dry cloth/paper towel, please note that use of harsh abrasives could damage the product and will affect the garantee.

Laminate Worktops

Clean with a damp cloth. Most household cleaners can be used but strong abrasives or scouring products should not be used. Direct heat application is not advised. The product has been tested to DIN16926 standard.

The Units

The units Our unit’s are available in 15/30/40/45/50/ 60/70/80/90/100 and 120 cm width. Tall units come in heights of half grid 136.5/149.5/162.5/188.5/201.5 and 214.5 cm). Our wall units come in 6 heights (26/39/52/65/78 and 91 cm). A full range to meet every individuals need to plan the perfect kitchen. All base units with drawers and pan drawers can be reduced in depth to 45.8 cm, at no extra cost. All our materials are tested and meet the requirements of the emission class E1.


16 mm thick chipboard with a colour coordinated 1.5mm PVC leading edge. External carcasses are colour coordinated and in most cases under side of wall unit is also matched to the sides. There is no need to highlight a show side (see carcass colour choice). There are 15 different colour choices to choose from in the standard range.

Edge Protection

All edges are sealed against moisture even at the rear of the units. They are all manufactured to the specified standards to guarantee a quality product.


Plinths are available in all carcass colours as well as in a steel effect. There are four heights; 100 and 150 mm all at standard prices.

Adjustable Legs

As standard, all base units, tall units and high board units come with fully adjustable legs

Back Panels

All back panels are made from (8mm) The -interior is sealed to repel moisture. They are fully fitted with removable screws top and bottom and they are designed to minimise the risk of damp getting through.


19 mm thick in white melamine, with PVC front-rounded edges. All units come pre-drilled to allow you to place the shelves where they need to be, to allow the largest bottle to stand upright.


Worktops are available in 40 mm thicknesses, with a standard front profile. All worktops are made up from high quality multi thickness chipboard (EI standard), all covered in high quality decorative laminate. All high quality laminate tops meet the chemical and hard-wearing standards required (DIN EN 438).


Metal sides and back with solid base running on an aqua glide bearing and runner to allow a quiet and smooth action. They open up all the way to the front of the unit to get the full use of the drawer. An adjustable fitting and easy release clip allow you to line up and adjust to suit. They have self closing runners to allow the slightest and smoothest closing action.

Tall Pan Drawers

Same specification as the drawers and come with side and back rails.


Solid metal hinges with a self releasing function, which are reliable and long lasting. These clip off hinges give you a solid hinge that will take the pressures of everyday kitchen use. They come with a large opening of 107° to allow you to open the door to its full extent. The back plate has a locating dowel to give more stability and durability.

Open shelves, and shelves, glass shelves, back panels and dresser units

All come in carcass colour or style chosen.

Sink Base Unit

The unit is designed to accept a wide style of fixtures from waste bins to watse disposal units. The double sink base has a fixed panel on the bowl side.

Wall units (Top shelf and under shelf of the wall units are 19 mm thick)

Wall units undersides are matching the carcass (see carcass choice).

Tall units and high board

Tall units and high board.

2-door units

Will be deliverd without a central post, and with a transparent stop bead at the left door.

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